Find Out What Is Coming In The Mail Before It’s Delivered (Now Available Nationwide)

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Tired of waiting around on the mail to see what is coming?

Earlier this year, I mentioned that the United States Postal Service launched a new service called Informed Delivery that allows residents to view scans of their mail that is due to be delivered each day!

And I am happy to report that this free service now appears to be available nationwide!

If you want to take advantage of this free service, you’ll receive black and white scans of your actual letter-sized mail pieces via email each morning – note that flat-sized pieces such as catalogues or magazines may be added in the future.

To sign up, simply go here and enter your zip code to see if Informed Delivery is available in your area. Then log in to your My USPS account (or sign up if you don’t have one) and click the boxes to opt in.

On the fence? Check Out These Reader Comments!

I signed up for this about 2 weeks ago, and I love it!

This may be kind of useful. Iowa winters are usually pretty cold, and my mailbox is four houses away in one of those “cluster mailboxes.” (I know, 4 houses is sooooo far. LOL) Now I will know which days are worth making a trip down the hill.

I live in a high rise building and on Saturdays it’s really annoying to go all the way down to the lobby just to open an empty mailbox. First world, lazy American problem, but this will solve it.

I’ve had this for a month. My email usually comes around 7:30am but sometimes I get it around 9:39am. When you don’t get an email, it means either no mail or it’s a magazine, catalog or large package. I thought it was pretty neat in the beginning, but it does kinda take the joy and surprise out of opening the mailbox and seeing what’s there. I have skipped going to the mailbox a couple times when I know it’s nothing but junk in there. It has notified me a little early about tax documents and important items I was waiting on. Overall, I like it.

There is a link in the notification email that you can click and let the post office know if you didn’t receive a letter. This should really help a lot of people.

Being a mail carrier myself, I think this could benefit more then we realize. Those who run businesses, get monthly checks, etc. This service can tell you when to keep an eye on your box, scammers, and thieves, are constantly hitting up mail boxes and taking anything inside!

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